EdTech Impact and WiKIT partner to provide scientific EdTech evaluations

EdTech Impact and WiKIT AS, have announced a partnership to boost their EdTech evidence services.

EdTech companies will now be able to get a scientific validation of their evidence portfolio by WiKIT’s international network of researchers and strengthen their public profile on the global EdTech Impact platform. 

Supported by Validé, WiKIT AS is a Norwegian company that offers both commercial and subsidised routes to research mentorship. By partnering with EdTech Impact, WiKIT AS aims to support schools to make smarter EdTech purchasing decisions, and provide EdTech companies with access to cost-effective ways of evidencing their impact. Companies also get essential monitoring and evaluation tools to enhance their product-market fit and plan for a robust evidence strategy. 

WiKIT CEO, Professor Natalia Kucirkova, said: “Increasingly, governments, school procurement teams and parents are turning to scientific evidence to make EdTech buying decisions. We have been looking for ways to enable companies that complete WiKIT’s scientific analysis and mentorship programme to powerfully communicate their impact to funders and customers. EdTech Impact provides a transparent platform for companies to showcase their evidence portfolio to thousands of potential buyers.”

EdTech Impact is an open marketplace for educators to find trusted EdTech that fits their needs and contexts. The partnership complements EdTech Impact’s work in helping over 2,000 EdTech companies collect agile customer feedback and ratings on their performance, alongside a rigorous pedagogical assessment on the quality of their product.

Michael Forshaw, CEO of EdTech Impact, said: “Our goal is to build a more transparent, connected and equitable EdTech market for all. We are driving towards systemic change, and to get there we need greater knowledge and affordability around EdTech evidence creation. We are delighted to partner with Professor Kucirkova and the WiKIT team to bring another level of rigour and accountability to the EdTech companies represented on our platform.”

For more information, please contact hello@edtechimpact.com.

Updated on: 10 March 2023

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