EdTech Impact to support Injini’s Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship Programme

The high-growth EdTech startups participating in Injini’s Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship Programme are focused on improving learning outcomes in South Africa. As part of the initiative, the companies will, for the first time, also receive a pedagogical evaluation, report and certification from EdTech Impact.

Injini is a groundbreaking EdTech accelerator and think-tank focused on addressing the most urgent challenges in education across the African continent, through technology and innovation. EdTech Impact’s work will help their startups to evidence the impact of their work and enable them to explore the global application of their solutions.

In addition, all of the research conclusions could also be shared through the global EdTech Impact platform. This open, community-driven resource already features over 2,000 international EdTech companies and over 10,000 independent (vetted) reviews by front-line educators. Presence on the site will therefore also help strengthen the participating startups’ global public profile.

Tsepo Ngwenyama, Programmes and Portfolio Head at Injini commented: “We are excited to partner with EdTech Impact to ensure that the Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship Program provides high-quality and effective support for EdTech solutions designed to improve educational outcomes in South Africa. The pedagogical evaluation and certification process will help us to improve the impact and innovation of EdTech tools, using data and evidence to increase access to markets. Ultimately, this will help to improve access to education and opportunities for young people throughout South Africa.”

Michael Forshaw, CEO of EdTech Impact, said: “Our goal is to share learning across the world on the how, why, where and when of EdTech. We’re delighted to be supporting this groundbreaking EdTech programme and expanding our platform and evidence base into South Africa.”

The first 12, of 36, South African EdTech companies selected to participate in Injini’s Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship Programme were announced at a kick-off event in Cape Town on 13th April 2023. The initiative will then run for the next 5 years and, through working with EdTech Impact alongside their own research activities, aims to build a compelling evidence base of ‘what works’ in African EdTech.

About EdTech Impact
EdTech Impact is an open, evidence-driven marketplace and evaluation platform that empowers educators and institutional leaders to make smarter buying decisions. The partnership complements EdTech Impact’s work in helping EdTech companies collect agile customer feedback and ratings on their performance, alongside a rigorous pedagogical assessment on the quality of their product.

About Injini
Injini is a registered Non-Profit Company that exists for the sole purpose of improving educational outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa. The company was founded in 2017 and remains the only EdTech specialised accelerator in Africa. Injini’s various programmes and research via the Injini Think Tank all contribute towards its mission to increase the quality, accessibility, and relevance of education in the region. Injini is a member of the UVU Africa Group.

For more information on Injini, please visit https://www.injini.africa/ or contact Kelly Fisher, Communications Manager via Kelly.f@injini.africa.

For more information on EdTech Impact, please contact hello@edtechimpact.com.

Updated on: 28 October 2023

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