Education Alliance Finland joins forces with EdTech Impact

Education Alliance Finland (EAF) has joined forces with EdTech Impact, bringing together two of the leading operators in the EdTech evaluations space.

Announcing the news, EdTech Impact’s CEO, Michael Forshaw, said the move followed a period of “rapid organic growth” for the business, and that EAF was an ideal partner that “shares EdTech Impact’s values and mission to build a more evidence-informed EdTech sector for all”.

“Through EdTech Impact, we’re building the world’s largest community-driven evidence base; where vendors commit to transparency through public feedback, and educators are motivated to share warts-and-all experiences. This rich, user generated content helps vendors to fine-tune their products, and provides prospective buyers with a route map towards the best solutions for their setting.”

Educators are searching for solutions they can trust, and EAF’s Pedagogical Quality Certificate has grown to become one of the most recognised validations for EdTech products globally. Supported by over 120 trained teacher-evaluators, EAF will provide an important, additional layer of quality assurance for the 300,000 educators and school groups that are using EdTech Impact today.

Olli Vallo, CEO of Education Alliance Finland, said: “We built the evaluation process with our research team to be rigorous, transparent and, most of all, scientifically valid. We knew from the beginning that we had developed a highly valuable component for the EdTech sector, but to achieve the greatest reach and impact we needed to join forces with a bigger operator. EdTech Impact was the perfect partner”.

From now on, EAF evaluations will be administered through EdTech Impact. Products that achieve the latest certification will receive additional visibility across the EdTech impact ecosystem, and all EdTech Impact Pro subscribers will receive annual evaluation renewals at no additional cost. Teachers that wish to become a trained (and paid) pedagogical evaluator for EdTech are encouraged to get in touch.

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Updated on: 8 March 2023

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