How Reviews Help You Build Trust With Schools

The Covid-19 pandemic has unleashed tectonic shifts in the EdTech world, turbo-charging the adoption of solutions across all phases of education. As demand from schools soared, so too did investment – with an extra £6 billion going into EdTech companies in 2020. 

Schools have greater choice than ever before, but with this comes greater competition for EdTech suppliers. In EdTech Impact’s Teaching & Learning category alone, there are now 812 solutions competing for the UK schools market. 

In a sea of choice, the ability to differentiate from the competition can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Building trust in your solution is one of the most powerful ways to do so. 

Building Trust With Schools

School procurement is evolving, with today’s buyers now far more discerning when investing in new technology.

In December 2019, research from Teacher Tapp identified that 79% of schools expect clear proof that an EdTech solution works; yet remarkably only 8% trust the claims being made by the supplier. 

Our recent ‘Spring 2021 Buyers Survey’ found similar, with schools more interested in the type of evidence available, and whether the solution has been used positively in a school like theirs.

Case studies – once the cornerstone of many a sales process – no longer provide the variety of context that school buyers seek. 69% of schools reported that they would not trust a supplier with “less than 25 positive reviews”; while 34% expect “at least 50 reviews”. 

Suppliers that ask for feedback once, then walk away, are also falling short as 70% of schools told us they place high importance on reviews “within the last 3 months”.

And 92% of school buyers are now researching EdTech suppliers prior to making contact. EdTech suppliers yet to invest into their online reputation may find that opportunities are simply passing them by.

A breakdown of the 92 verified reviews Showbie have captured in the last 6 months with EdTech Impact

Automating Review Collection

So how can EdTech suppliers capture reviews with minimal effort and spend?

Forward-thinking suppliers are automating the process, baking review requests into their email signatures, invoice messages, and end-of-trial notifications – many are even adding review prompts throughout their platform to capture feedback while the user is most engaged.

GCSEPod showcasing their customer reviews on EdTech Impact

This one-time setup ensures they keep pace with the volume and variety schools expect while maintaining the frequency required by the most discerning of customers.

Start Now

In a sector that places increased importance on transparency and trust, it is those that are taking review collection seriously that will find themselves winning long-term.

EdTech Impact is the #1 review platform built for EdTech. Start building your trust by signing up free, or speak to the team to discuss your review strategy.

Updated on: 22 April 2022

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