Dusyma Middle East LLC

Dusyma Middle East LLC

Dusyma Middle East LLC


What is Dusyma Middle East LLC?

Dusyma develops, manufactures and supplies educationally valuable play and learning material as well as room concept for children. We belong to the market leaders with an excellent industry image.

We distribute our products worldwide.

We offer educational play, learning and experience space concepts as well as individual solution oriented assistance on site.

We are experts for play and learning material to promote children’s development and set new standards with our Innovative product design.

We attach importance to various possible applications of our play materials.

We focus on the needs of our customers.

We have a fast responding service and an active quality management.

We completely Identify ourselves with our service and our company

Dusyma is the most innovative designer of kindergardens and social institutions in the world..

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