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Engineering at Home

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What is Engineering at Home?

Engineering at Home is a series of free engineering projects for children of all ages to learn STEM skills and have fun whilst a home, with a new challenge launched each Wednesday via The Smallpeice Trust website. The challenges are all linked to the national curriculum and can be completed using everyday resources around the house. Every project will be aided by learning objectives, an instruction sheet and video as a way to take pressure away from teachers and parents.
An online tutorial element is also available through The Smallpeice Trust’s YouTube channel, outlining how students can utilise their resources to complete the challenge. The projects are perfectly aligned to the British Science Association’s CREST’s Star Award, enabling students to receive national recognition for their STEM achievements..


Age Range
5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16, 17-18

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Schools, parents and students will require access to The Smallpeice Trust website or YouTube channel to access the engineering project instructions and/or video tutorial. Once accessed, projects can be completed offline with household objects.

Project instructions PDF and video tutorials are available on The Smallpeice Trust website and YouTube channel.

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The programme is free of charge
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