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Groupcall Analytics

Groupcall Analytics

Groupcall Analytics


What is Groupcall Analytics?

Groupcall Analytics is a data aggregation and intelligence solution for multi-academy trusts designed to inform data-driven decision making for trust-wide improvement. Analytics supports organisations in tracking key data including progress, attainment, behaviour and attendance allowing them to spot trends and identify issues not previously visible from the raw data alone.

Standardising the presentation of the most up to date, real-time data in a simple, easily comparable way, Analytics allows teachers and schools leaders to make quick comparisons between a wide range of data sets so they can spend less time working out where problems are, and more time solving them.

Tailored with you during the set-up process to suit your MATs’ specific requirements, Groupcall Analytics is a powerful support to help you solve real-world issues, identifying early intervention flags for safeguarding and exploitation threats for pupil within your academies..


Age Range11-13, 14-16, 17-18

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Last updated 2nd July 2022