Project Based Sets (Add-ons)

Project Based Sets (Add-ons)

Project Based Sets (Add-ons)


What is Project Based Sets (Add-ons)?

Project Based Sets

- Solar Power

Climate change and global warming urge scientists to take action and save our planet by reducing carbon emissions. The sun can provide free energy for all of our needs, however, we need to convert it to a useful form. This set includes one 3V solar panel that powers an electrical motor, along with instructions for 16 solar powered models such as a chopper car, a fan, a plane, a robot and a winch crane.
Conduct thorough experiments and discover: how do solar panels work; what factors affect a solar panel’s efficiency; how weather conditions affect solar power production.

- Amusement Park Set

In amusement parks, the main attractions are often the exciting, fast rides or the romantic, slow wheels that offer spectacular views from above. This set includes one geared motor to power four large-scale models of such rides: Ferris wheel, London Eye, merry-go-round and booster ride. Additionally, you can experiment with gears by building four smaller models such as a gearbox, an experimental crane, a carousel and a planetarium. Conduct thorough experiments and discover: how the gear’s diameter affects force and speed; how to calculate gear ratio even for complex assemblies; how to use gears to change the direction and plane of motion.

- Architecture Set

The Architecture Set demonstrates the ability of ENGINO® to build huge models of impressive size and style, appropriate for ages of 8+. Children discover different types of structures and build two oversized models of the Sydney Bridge and the Eiffel Tower! The set is completed with smaller size models including a cable-stayed bridge, suspension bridge, arch bridge, truss bridge and house from printed instructions booklet and online. Conduct thorough experiments and discover: how triangulation makes a structure stronger; what are the main types of forces acting on structures; how do trusses work; what are the major types of cable bridges..


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