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Standards Tracker

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What is Standards Tracker?

Standards Tracker transforms appraisals from a once-a-year tick box exercise into a simple and effective ongoing staff development process. Staff are appraised against the relevant standards. They can comment and upload evidence to demonstrate performance. Feedback is recorded on forms and tagged against the appropriate standards for easy future retrieval. Objectives are set and both teachers and appraisers can comment on progress throughout the year. The CPD training log records training but also allows staff to rate it using the CPD standards allowing for feedback on its effectiveness. School leaders get management tools to schedule feedback events; create charts on performance trends; print-off appraisal summaries and track engagement - all at the click of a button. No need for mounds of paperwork; saves hours of valuable time and creates trust in the appraisal process.

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0-4, 5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16, 17-18, 19+

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Our software is browser-based and can be used on desktops or tablets. We set up the software with you so that it fits your requirements as exactly as possible. Training is provided within the app and separate training systems are provided but our experience is that teachers need little to no training to be able to use the system.

Set Up

We work with you to plan your system and set it up to match your requirements, e.g. recreating lesson observation forms, determining check-in dates, agree your strategic goals and outcomes, etc. This is done in an session which usually lasts around an hour. We then aim to have you up and running within one working day.

Live Online

Our software has support built in, so that users are provided with support on the page they are on. We also have a user guide, walkthroughs and videos. Our separate learning system allows staff to use a dummy system to practice to ensure they feel comfortable with the platform. Finally, we are always happy to provide human training and support via screen sharing and video chat.

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Standards Tracker Pricing

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Paid Subscription

Standards Tracker pricing starts from £1250 / year

Pricing is based on a per user basis and typically equates to £2 or less per user per month. Group discounts are available for MATs.

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