Working with school groups

Over the last few years, EdTech Impact has become an integral part of the procurement process for thousands of in-market buyers, with over 350,000 new users searching the platform in the last 12 months.

We’ve seen a significant uptick in lead generation, mostly from English-speaking primary and secondary schools across the UK (42%), US (15%), India (7%) and Australia (5%). And the most popular feature for buyers is the ability to neatly compare quality, effectiveness, scalability and affordability of competing EdTech products alongside one another.

While the demand for new EdTech appears healthy, many schools are starting to take a more calculated approach by first looking at their existing EdTech investments to see if they already own a suitable solution that can be expanded.

EdTech Impact is well-placed to help here, which is why we’ve partnered with International Schools Partnership to develop a significant extension to the EdTech Impact platform that enables ISP’s 60 international schools to:

  • Establish and maintain their own (private) digital catalogue of ISP ‘recommended’ EdTech solutions, centralising record keeping and improving communication of safe, approved EdTech.
  • Build an internal evidence base by leveraging the collective ISP staff experience of current EdTech solutions and their impact within different school contexts, including resources on how to make the most of it.
  • Create a fully-compliant, multi-stakeholder vetting process to assess new EdTech that enters the ISP EdTech ecosystem.
  • Access data-driven insights on the best-in-class solutions to potentially standardise, flag for more training and support from in-school champions, identify where cost savings can be made, and where gaps for new solutions exist.

What does this mean for me?

School groups will now be using EdTech Impact to manage their EdTech ecosystem, so having a comprehensive, up-to-date profile will give them the best possible insight into your product.

To make the most of school groups on EdTech Impact, we recommend you:

  • List all of your product portfolio – not just your hero products
  • Fully complete your product profile(s), answering all questions
  • Check you’ve selected the right “Impact Metrics” to be measured
  • Request reviews from users in different countries (not just the UK)

All of the above can be achieved on our free plan, as we want everyone to benefit from EdTech Impact. Simply login to your dashboard to get started.

Got questions?

If you would like to discuss your EdTech Impact account or our work with school groups, please contact your account manager or book in a call with Petra.

Updated on: 16 November 2022

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