Review of Edumate
Damian O'Kane


Ballougry Primary School, Northern Ireland

Used ClassMaster weekly for 7–12 months

Aug 2021

While a 10 star review may be seen as near impossible, I can hand on heart say ClassMaster is the software of the future to enhance and completely transform education and teaching in Northern Ireland and beyond. We all have used various platforms over the past 18 months but none that allows you to use your tried and tested resources. As teachers, we all have those go to resources we're never going to stop using (we all know that feeling) - we tweak and develop and enhance.... And then photocopy! This particular software allows you to use what you already know, just in the digital World. The tools allow you to almost instantly convert any resource, even down to picking out a simple question in that resource or converting the entire resource, and then circulate that resource with groups of children, homework groups, testing groups, booster groups etc. From that, the ongoing and instant marking, collation of data and the graphing abilities done behind the scenes which allow us as teachers and leaders to instantly spot trends, improvements, and ultimately areas for improvement with the touch of a button removes that stress of marking and analysis of data - we can focus entirely on making improvements to our education processes. My leadership career has been about developing and enhancing ways to make teaching more enjoyable and less stressful, and teaching and education more efficient and beneficial to our stakeholders - our families and children in our care, and our teachers - and I genuinely feel ClassMaster is the tool to do that. The advances it has made it such a quick timeframe only shows what is to come!

Damian O'Kane found ClassMaster:
  • Significantly reduces teacher workload
    Reduced marking for teachers. Reduced analysing of data and marking which is done quickly and conveniently within the software. Teachers can also use their own worksheets/resources etc so they're not reinventing the wheel. Reduction of homework setting, photocopying, and then marking. All round reduction in time.
  • Significantly provides school data
    Data is done within the software. Shows obvious trends and changes in trends for children. Can show where improvements or different strategies are needed
  • Significantly improves teaching efficiency
    Due to the amount the software does, numerous areas are more efficient - data collation and analysis, spotting and seeing trends immediately, updated and using teachers own resources in a 21st century way rapid conversion to digital formats, streamlining and enhancing the homework process to make it more beneficial for education
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