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Whether you're a startup, scaleup or multinational education business - the most effective way to sell to schools is through your existing customers.

EdTech Impact will help you collect independent, verified customer reviews that can be leveraged to increase trust with prospective customers.

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Increase website

Using EdTech Impact review widgets, you can replace static testimonials with live reviews and ratings, adding an independent layer of trust to all of your customer testimonials.

They're simple to set up (you just drop the code into your site) and you can choose the information you want to display e.g. "only show 4 and 5 star reviews".

Use our online Conversion Calculator to forecast your revenue gains >

Boost your
lead generation

Optimise your EdTech Impact profile for conversion by showcasing your full evidence base, alongside any awards won, images, videos, training and support - make the best first impression when people discover your product for the first time.

We'll connect your profile to your website so that high quality leads - educators that are looking for EdTech solutions - end up where you want them.

See GCSEPod as an example >

Improve product

EdTech Impact reviews will add gold stars and ratings next to your search results in Google and other search engines. We'll also include your product and your review scores in our regular "Best of" lists.

According to ConversionXL, review stars in search can improve click-through rates up to 35%!

See for yourself with Night Zookeeper >

customer retention

Net Promoter Score®, or NPS®, measures customer experience and predicts business growth. We bake NPS into all of our customer reviews, saving you time and money collecting this data from your customers.

All EdTech Impact reviews and NPS data can be exported on-demand.

Read more about how NPS is calculated here >

content marketing

With your customer feedback loop set up, and your reviews flowing in, you will have a goldmine of authentic content to share across your channels.

Use reviews as a chance to publicly thank your customers, letting them know how much you value their feedback, while showing other schools how much you are loved.

Here's a great Twitter example from Tassomai >

Stand out with quality certifications

All certifications include a detailed feedback report, enhanced profile, digital assets and 12 month licence

Certified teacher recommended

The Teacher Recommended badge rewards the top 10% of products on EdTech Impact and is earned through verified customer reviews. The badge is time-stamped to provide transparency to buyers on which products are being currently recommended on EdTech Impact.

Certified lawfulness, ethics & safety

The Lawful, Ethical & Safe badge is rewarded to an EdTech product that has successfully completed the EDDS evaluation method. The method assesses data management, cybersecurity, socio-ethical, age-appropriate, and accessibility designs.

Certified impact evidence

The Supported by Theory badge is rewarded to an EdTech product that has successfully completed the WiKIT evaluation method. The method assesses the level of evidence behind your impact claims, with guidance on the next steps.

Certified pedagogical quality

The Quality Pedagogy badge is rewarded to an EdTech product that has successfully achieved the EAF method of pedagogical evaluation. The method assesses learning content, platform activities, engagement, and pedagogical features.

“We love how easy it is for our customers to give reviews - how fab to see them show in Google!”

"93% of customers read reviews online before buying
from an unfamiliar company"

— Trustpilot, 2019

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