Lexia Reading Skills Software
Sarah Granter

Special needs support worker

Used Lexia Reading Skills Software daily for 1-2 years

Nov 2023

I personally am a huge fan of the Lexia programme! Not only is it very efficient and effective, but literally a breeze for educators to use. The Educator mode is a great efficient resource, along with the skill builders to hand to target specific areas of need. Educators being able to easily track students achievements is a great time saver. It is not only a personalised, adaptive learning programme, but a fun way for pupils to independently develop their learning. Moreso, to attain any gaps needed. (Without pen-to-paper, which often is a barrier.) By pupils being able to self montior their progress and achievements throughout, pushed them to thrieve and is a confidence boost in itself. Pupils absoulutely love the victory screens and certificates. Both these in place do push pupils on to success. Pupils are not phased when failing but instead are encourged to retry to gain their victory. Parents of students have shared that they are pleased and have praise the programme. Along with sharing their children are enthusiastic, and egar to learn at home.

Reply from Lexia Reading Skills Software:Thank you for your fantastic review! We were thrilled to hear the impact that Lexia has had on your pupils' confidence and motivation! It was great to read how you have been able to address pupils' learning gaps without adding to teacher workload too.
Sarah Granter found Lexia Reading Skills Software:
  • Moderately reduces attainment gap
    The Lexia program has been benifical as it has enabled staff to target/taylor/monitor a pupil's needs. Which then results in the pupil closing gaps/reaching a desired benchmark.
  • Slightly provides school data
    There have been positive results with pupils whom are working towardssecure, whom need pushing forwards and have been using the programme consitantly over a given term.
  • Moderately improves teaching efficiency
    I find the program very effective. It is a very organized programme and so simple to use. Everything accessible with a flick of a button makes life very easy to track a pupil/groups progress. The Educator Mode is benefical when needing to target/develop a group/class in developing. I find the class overview to check pupils data efficient, along with the print out skill builders are a great resource/time saver. The certificates are fabulous!
  • Moderately improves attainment
  • Moderately builds student knowledge
    I have seen how the programme motivates pupils into learning/achieving. Pupils are able to monitor their own progress and they are egar to learn/reach their desired goals and push themselves forwards. Pupils using Lexia become more self motivated in their learning. SEN pupils benefit from the programme as they find 'No pen to paper' a bonus, they are able to use it independently, they enjoy following their progress andlove the victory screens/certificates.
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