Smart Kidz Club Classroom
Michiyo Seto

General manager

Little Starfish International school, Japan

Used Smart Kidz Club Classroom occasionally for 4-6 months

Sep 2021

The contents of books are sometime monotonous . If they were more like stories, kids would show more interest in the books. Also if children could record their reading to send it to their teachers, it would be nice.

Michiyo Seto found Smart Kidz Club Classroom:
  • Significantly reduces teacher workload
    They don't have to make flash cards. They can find easily what book is needed for the children.
  • Does not significantly reduce attainment gap
    It's up to the parents for these age of group children. If the parents try to use SKC at home, the kids English gets better significantly, but if not, their English stays the same.
  • Slightly improves teaching efficiency
    The books' contents are not so attracitve for kids.
  • Does not significantly improve parent engagement
    If the books were more like stories, parents would want to show it to their kids.
  • Slightly builds student knowledge
    Children are learning more words with pictures.
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