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Forbrain is a pair of microphone-equipped, bone-conduction headphones that help children and students work on their audio-vocal loop, thereby helping improve reading comprehension, speech, focus, and social communication skills. As they speak into the microphone, Forbrain, through its dynamic filter, enhances specific patterns of the child’s voice, and Show more
improve teaching efficiency100%
improve attainment96%
improve parent engagement92%
Improves Behaviour / Wellbeing88%

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AVID's headsets, headphones, and earbuds connect students to technology. As the speed of technology in the classroom accelerates it's vitally important to have a reliable, durable, value-based communication link between the student and their chosen devise. AVID's headsets are developed in the classroom, for the classroom, providing Show more

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Manufacturer of High Quality Headsets, Headphones, Microphones, External Soundcards (USB) and Webcams.  Show more


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AVerMedia Technologies provides cutting-edge audio and video peripherals as well as professional capturing and streaming solutions. Show more

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Engage your audience with the microphone you can throw around. Promote active learning and collaboration in the classroom. Use Catchbox to record lecture audio and facilitate effective hybrid teaching. Catchbox Plus combines our unique throwable mic with a compact beltpack microphone on a single dual channel receiver. Connect Show more


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When you join the School Radio family you gain access to fantastic Premium Resource Kits, School Lesson Plans, Industry Tips, School Radio Player, support, training and much more… Every School Radio system includes access to a fantastic range of Premium Resource Kits that will inspire your students and Show more


Award-winning SafeAudio® headphones for kids. Hearing loss affects 1 child in every 8. Using safe volume headphones is very important and at Onanoff we focus 100% in creating the best headphones for children. We make them durable, extendable, hypoallergenic and fun to use. With beam mic, possibly the best Show more

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