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> There are almost 1 million children across the UK who are currently digitally excluded.  As an aspect of deprivation, digital exclusion cannot be overlooked. Children living in poverty are already significantly disadvantaged compared to their wealthier peers.  “Of those who have been eligible for FSM or LAC only... Show more

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Schools are fast realising the benefits of using mass notification solutions such as NetSupport Notify to boost school communication and support their emergency and lockdown procedures. Try free for 30 days via our website. Using NetSupport Notify, schools can communicate effectively with staff and students using one-way alerts... Show more


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SonicWall provides cost-effective campus-wide cybersecurity without compromising performance. With SonicWall, IT professionals in the education sector can: - Deploy scalable protection for entire University and education systems - Ensure safe collaboration across the entire campus - Secure and simplify network access for IoT and BYOD - Provide advanced, scalable email security... Show more

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RM Unify is a single sign on identity and access management service that makes it simple use your online services. Thousands of UK schools use RM Unify to manage their Office 365 and G Suite for Education accounts, reducing their setup time and support costs. Teachers and students... Show more
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Cyberbullying and self harm early warnings across Gmail and Google drive. How do you recognize hate speech in the classroom? Easy. Admins, principals, and delegates can now detect harmful behaviour on any student’s Gmail, GDocs, GDrive, and Youtube account. Cyberbullying, nudity, drug-related content and self-harm are just some of... Show more

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