Can AI solve the teacher workload crisis?

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Teachers in the UK and around the world face a multitude of challenges and pressures in their roles. From lesson planning to assessment and grading, the workload can often be overwhelming. AI can help to ease some of this burden, allowing teachers to focus on what they do best – teaching.

So how can AI tools help?

Personalising learning: AI-powered tools can help teachers to personalise their teaching and support students’ individual needs. Adaptive learning platforms use machine learning algorithms to analyse student data and tailor their learning experience accordingly. This can help to identify areas where students need more support and provide personalised learning experiences that are more engaging and effective.

Automating grading and assessment: Another way AI can help reduce teacher workload is through automating administrative tasks such as grading and attendance tracking. AI-powered grading systems can quickly and accurately grade assignments, freeing up teachers’ time for more personalised feedback and support.

Cutting administrative burden: Another way AI can help reduce teacher workload is through automating routine tasks such as scheduling. AI-powered scheduling tools can optimise class schedules and teacher timetables, reducing the time teachers spend on administrative tasks. AI-powered lesson planning tools can provide teachers with resources and suggestions for activities, reducing the time and effort required for lesson planning.

Optimising processes: AI-powered tools can improve the efficiency of existing practices, such as report writing and proofreading. Real Fast Reports does just this – it streamlines the report writing process, allowing teachers to focus on supporting their students’ growth by providing meaningful feedback in bullet point format, instead of struggling with phrasing. The platform compiles a personal comment bank for each teacher and automatically generates error-free reports in perfect prose, speeding up report writing and checking significantly while still ensuring each report is unique and individual.

When used appropriately, AI-powered tools have the potential to transform the education sector and reduce teacher workload, for example through supporting personalised teaching and learning experiences, automating grading and assessment tasks, cutting administrative burden and optimising processes, such as report writing. By leveraging the power of AI-powered tools, teachers can spend more time on teaching and supporting their students’ growth and development.

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Updated on: 16 May 2023

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