UK children favour careers in social care over social media, but are they prepared for an AI-Driven future?

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A recent report by leading online tutoring provider GoStudent, has found that children aged between 10 and 16 in the UK consider Health and Social Care as their most popular career choice.

The GoStudent Future of Education Report 2023 has shown that children prioritise making a positive difference to society over becoming social media influencers, with 73% of Gen Z citing making a difference in the world as being important for their future.

At a time when media messages about young people suggest self-obsession, these report findings reveal a more selfless reality. Children in the UK have big aspirations, from becoming doctors, nurses, and paramedics, to working with animals as a vet or marine biologist, to advancing science as a medical researcher, oncologist, or climate researcher.

Felix Ohswald, CEO and co-founder at GoStudent said, “Our report makes clear that today’s students are more selfless than selfish. Inspired by doctors, nurses, and other key workers during the pandemic, thousands of students across the UK want to work somewhere where they can help others – not themselves.”

However, the report suggests that education may not be keeping up with the rapidly changing world outside the classroom. Almost three in four children believe that they are not currently learning everything they need at school to prepare them for their future, with skills like artificial intelligence, robotics engineering, and finance lacking in the current education system. As a result, only 65% of children feel confident that they will secure their dream job in the future.

While AI tools like ChatGPT are making waves in the tech industry, especially due to many school children utilising AI to assist with their homework, sparking some lively discussions about the role of technology in education. The report reveals that children in the UK have fallen behind the rest of Europe in using AI technology. Only a third (32%) currently use AI to learn in school or at home, indicating a need for increased integration of this technology in education.

Parents and guardians want their children prepared for the future, with eight out of ten (81%) wanting technology development, including artificial intelligence, alternate reality, and virtual reality, to be taught in schools. As AI is expected to become an ever-increasing presence in our lives, it’s important to arm children with more essential skills going into adult life, as only 6% of children say they are learning about it in school.

The report also shows that parents and guardians want their children equipped with skills that match real-world needs, including personal finance, lessons on the environment, mindfulness, and current affairs. These findings suggest that there is a need for schools to modernise their approach to education to prepare students for future challenges.

As technology advances and AI tools become more prevalent, it’s important for educators and policymakers to ensure that the younger generation has the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in future careers. With the majority of children in the UK aspiring to make a positive impact through careers in health and social care, we must also equip them with the latest technological tools and knowledge to make their dreams a reality.

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Updated on: 4 May 2023

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