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Edval | Apptavi | Skolaris | Omniscol
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Takes your existing timetable and re-room it to show significant improvements very quickly. These include reduced movement required between lessons, greater rooming consistency for classes and teacher home rooms, greater equity in specialist room allocation. The re-rooming process takes about an hour to setup initially, but only seconds to... Show more


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Reducing repetitive workloads for teachers, using web-based software solutions that are "Designed by Teachers, for Teachers".... Show more
HomelearningSeating PlansAttendanceSlt ReportingMarking, Developmental Progress & AttainmentScheduling & TimetablingOnline Teaching & MeetingsMessaging & CommunicationParents EveningsAchievements & Behaviour

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Skolaris is a state-of-the-art online timetable creation and cover management software for schools of all shapes and sizes. It is fully configurable and provides unprecedented weighted constraint checking to achieve the best possible solution tailored to each school's individual needs. And best of all, it just works.... Show more

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Omniscol is fully web-based software for timetabling, in K12 schools, higher education or training centers, with an easy-to-use interface and a powerful algorithm (automatic or semi-automatic). Please, note that we do not support block scheduling (yet).... Show more

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