How SchoolOnline’s reviews provided a boost in enquiries and drove more traffic

SchoolOnline is a platform providing digital exam revision in English and Maths to help every child achieve their full exam potential across SATs and GCSE.

What problem were you trying to solve by joining EdTech Impact?

Our primary incentive to choose EdTech Impact was that our competitors were using the platform, and we felt that it was important for potential customers to be able to compare us directly to see how we differentiated from the competition. Edtech is a very specific area for comparison, and I felt that the tools offered by EdTech Impact matched very favourably with more generic comparison sites whilst being directly within our niche.

Why did you choose EdTech Impact?

I think the benefits are clear as you visit EdTech Impact for a specific purpose. Google Reviews is a very basic tool that we have open, but it adds little value for schools who may wish to perform more in-depth research in their buying journey.

Did you have any reservations about adopting greater transparency? 

I was never concerned about negative reviews. Firstly because I didn’t think we would have too many and secondly because even negative reviews are an opportunity to show the strength of our hands-on customer service approach.

How have your schools and teachers reacted to being asked for feedback?

Asking teachers for feedback allows them to frame their feedback in more detail and really gets under the skin of their decision to use the platform. It facilitates a deeper understanding of the product and how they use it, and engenders a stronger feeling of partnership with us.

Have you seen any measurable benefits?

We have definitely seen an increase in incoming enquiries which is fantastic, but also traffic, in general, is being generated via EdTech Impact to our website. The ability to show independent evaluations of our platform is a real strength in our conversations with schools.

How easy was it for you to learn and use the EdTech Impact platform, and were there any features that you found particularly useful?

The platform is excellent and easy to navigate, however, the true strength is in the quality of support we receive from EdTech Impact. They have a highly dedicated team who go the extra mile and really model the kind of behaviour we try to exemplify with our own clients. One key example of this is that if there is an area of their offering you are not taking advantage of, they will support you in getting set up and increasing your avenues of opportunity.

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Updated on: 10 November 2023

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