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Three Dimensional Learning

Three Dimensional Learning

Three Dimensional Learning


What is Three Dimensional Learning?

3DL learning will engage your students in-person or online using a unique 3DL app – a collection of 3D Models, Videos, 3D animations and much more.

The 3DL app contains over 900 curriculum elements - from quizzes, puzzles and classification exercises - to help students to practice, learn and remember.

Students and teachers can create their own videos using the 3DL app content. Whether it is for teachers to provide fascinating courses online or for students to show their understanding, the 3DL learning application can do it all easily and effectively.


Age Range
0-4, 5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16, 17-18

3D Models3D AnimationsLayered 3D ModelsVideosRigged modelsActivitiesModulesSimulations

Three Dimensional Learning Pricing

Pricing Plans

Paid Subscription
One-Off Fee

Three Dimensional Learning pricing starts from $100 / one-off

Limited use licensing is available at $100. Not available in Norway.

One free Teacher License is provided for every 15 students. Teachers get access to the system 7 days before the start of the LIcense period. Teachers have full access to the Teacher Console during this period.

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