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AREC Solutions for Hybrid Education

AREC Solutions for Hybrid Education


AREC Solutions for Hybrid Education

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What is AREC Solutions for Hybrid Education?

AREC Media Capture System is a complete and user-friendly hardware solution for universities and schools alike that enables hybrid and in-person education on a more effective level. It consists of lecture capture media stations, auto-tracking devices, regular cameras, and accessories that enable different functions.

Our devices record, stream, and automatically backup all video and audio content connected to them, such as computers with lecturers’ slides, video conference software with remote students, visualisers with class materials, or cameras that show lecturers and students. Our lecture capture hardware is integrated with Panopto, Opencast, and Kaltura, and it is thus easy to set up and work with for university staff. Videos created by these devices are used by students to improve their material retention and attend classes remotely.

ADENA Limited is the exclusive representative of AREC Inc. in Europe, Africa, LATAM and CIS regions. Our solution is present in more than 80 countries worldwide and is offered through trusted distribution partners. If you would like to know more about us or our products, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Recommended Usage

Every recorded or streamed video helps students by giving them an ability to review content instantly and later, at their own pace. The more lectures/classes are recorded/streamed, the more students can benefit from AREC systems and the more schools and universities can save time and resources.

Educational Impact

improve teaching efficiency
build student knowledge
improve attainment
reduce teacher workload
save school money
CompanyBusiness Name: AREC Inc.
HQ Location: Taiwan, Province Of China
Founded: 2012
Age Range0-4, 5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16, 17-18, 19+
FeaturesRecordStreamAutomatic BackupSchedule LecturesControl PresetsAutomationAuto-trackingCapture AudioCapture VideoMix AudioMix VideoEnable HybridClosed CaptionsAutomatic TranslationTranscriptionSubtitles
LanguagesEnglish, German, Spanish; Castilian, Czech, Latvian, Estonian, Chinese, Korean
AccessibilityFew to no features
PoliciesTerms of ServicePrivacy Policy
RequirementsAvailable OfflineInternet - Low BandwidthInternet - High Bandwidth

Devices are standalone and do not require computers to be used after initial installation.

Devices work out of the box, but they can be further customised by opening their web interface with any computer (Mac, Windows, Linux, and other OS).

Internet connection is only required in case you would like to stream from our devices. For all other purposes it is not required.

Set Up

5 to 10 minutes. Devices work out of the box, you can use them as soon as you unpack the box and connect power.

TrainingIn PersonLive OnlineWebinarsDocumentationVideos

We also have a complete training course for our devices available on our website here - https://www.a-dena.com/adenacademy

SupportEmailKnowledge BasePhone Support24/7 Live Rep

You can always reach out to us for support via our website www.a-dena.com

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TagsLecture CaptureAuto-TrackingHybrid EducationRecordingStreamingEncoderDecoderVideo MixerVideo SwitcherConverterPTZ CameraGrabber

AREC Solutions for Hybrid Education Pricing

Pricing Plans

One-Off Fee

AREC Solutions for Hybrid Education pricing starts from $1500 / one-off

We have a wide range of solutions for all kinds of budget. Given starting price is for the lecture capture stations. Our price levels vary per product category. To get more information about prices, please reach out to us at www.a-dena.com

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AREC Solutions for Hybrid Education Reviews

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AREC Solutions for Hybrid Education
Simon Druce

Sales Director

CUK Audio, England

Used AREC Solutions for Hybrid Education monthly for 7–12 months

Mar 2023

Simon Druce found AREC Solutions for Hybrid Education:
  • Moderately saves school money
    By having the Arec equipment correctly deployed, the staff can maximise their time with pupils and in lessons. Whilst this may not have a "direct" financial value, it greatly impacts on the teaches ability to work more efficiently which in turn saves money
  • Significantly reduces teacher workload
    The Ability to share and collaborate with students easily makes follow ups with the individuals faster and more personal
  • Significantly improves teaching efficiency
  • Moderately improves attainment
  • Moderately builds student knowledge
    With the students being more engaged by the teacher, there is a higher chance the pupil will listen and retain information to a stronger level
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AREC Solutions for Hybrid Education
Michael Dagnall

Sales Manager

Tukans Ltd, England

Used AREC Solutions for Hybrid Education weekly for 4-6 months

Mar 2023

The quality of the equipment, support and functionality are what makes this a great solution for the education sector.

Michael Dagnall found AREC Solutions for Hybrid Education:
  • Significantly saves school money
    The ability to have the right solution for each room or situation. Not wasting money unnecessarily, on kit that is over specified for the job.
  • Moderately reduces teacher workload
    Having recorded files immediately to hand to be able to use, review and even edit if necessary. The ability to live stream and record automatically, removes the stress of preparing for the remote lesson.
  • Significantly improves teaching efficiency
    Being able to post content and make it available quickly for the students.
  • Significantly improves attainment
    Being able to engage with remote students and to be able to share content clearly with them, helps to boost student confidence and create an atmosphere of inclusion.
  • Significantly builds student knowledge
    Having access to a repository of recorded files, so that they can be reviewed and used time and time again by the student, making sure that the lesson has not been missed.
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AREC Solutions for Hybrid Education
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