Automated Book Return System

Automated Book Return System

Automated Book Return System


What is Automated Book Return System?

Automated Book Return System allows the users to return books at 24/7 under self-service operations. It consists of three parts: (1) a wall-mounted book return machine, which has operation screen and book drop entrance for user to handle book return; (2) a conveyor and sorting system with monitoring system that can recognize, classify, and transfer the books to different sorting ports. (3) book return carts that are used to collect the classified returned books.

The book return machine is installed outside, while the conveyor and sorting system with return carts are installed inside a room.

The returned books are recognized and sorted according to programmed categories, and conveyed to their respective sorting ports. The sorting unit is modular and can be extended from 1 to 35, with 2 sorting ports increased for each extended unit.

This automated system is a ideal solution for receiving and handling large quantity of return books without any manual efforts. It saves a lot of time and trouble for the librarians..


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Last updated 3rd June 2023