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What is Brainly?

Brainly is the world's largest online learning and homework help community for parents, students, and teachers.

With Brainly, users receive and offer help with tough homework problems and questions to go from questioning to understanding. Through text, image, or voice, students can ask anything and get specific answers. By making education readily available, easily searchable, and even interactive, we take people from questioning, to understanding and beyond.

Brainly lets students work at their own pace with help from peers and subject experts. Think of it as a way to expand your classroom into an interactive learning environment that’s as engaging as it is educational.

Brainly is made up of curious minds passionate about spreading knowledge and elevating education everywhere. As the world’s leading learning platform, we help hundreds of millions of students reach where they otherwise could not.

Educational Impact

increase student collaboration
build student knowledge
reduce teacher workload
CompanyHQ Location: Poland
Founded: 2009
Age Range8-10, 11-13, 14-16, 17-18
FeaturesAsk QuestionsAnswer QuestionsEarn PointsSnap Homework Photos
LanguagesEnglish, French, Italian, Spanish
PoliciesTerms of ServicePrivacy Policy
RequirementsInternet - Low BandwidthInternet - High BandwidthDesktop - MacDesktop - WindowsDesktop - ChromebookMobile - iPhoneMobile - iPadMobile - Android

While Brainly can be used on all browsers, we recommend using the most recent version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

The official Brainly app is available for iOS and Android compatible devices. We update our app regularly, so please be sure you're running on our latest software to guarantee you have access to all of our latest features.

Set Up

A Brainly account can be set up via email, Facebook or using your Apple ID.

SupportEmailFAQs/ForumKnowledge Base

If you can't find an answer in the FAQ, a message can be sent directly to the Brainly team via a contact form on the website.

Home LearningParent Access

Parents can create the account.

Brainly Parent Account gives parents the ability to take part in their child's learning experience on Brainly. Your Parent Account can be paired with your child's account to track their learning progress, see their strengths and challenges, and help them with homework.

Any upgrades you buy for your own account will automatically carry over to your child's account free of charge.

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Brainly Pricing

Pricing Plans

FreemiumPaid Subscription

Brainly pricing starts from $2 / month

Brainly Plus is currently offered in two different subscription plans: The Semi-Annual subscription plan costs $18, which is billed every 6 months unless cancelled. The Annual subscription plan costs $24, which is billed once annually unless cancelled. This option averages out to $2 per month.

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Brainly Reviews

4.7 out of 5

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User rating



Kezia Happy


N/A, United States

Used Brainly for 11 months

Oct 2020

Brainly is very helpful for all grade-level subjects. There are multiple tutors that provide thoughtful, detailed responses quickly, as well as moderators that ensure answer quality. Questions that are above high school level have slightly slower response times.

Kezia Happy found Brainly:
  • Significantly builds student knowledge
    For problems, Brainly allows access to both answers as well as detailed explanations.
  • Significantly increases student collaboration
    Brainly is student-supported. Students answer questions and receive points. With these points, students can ask their own questions. There are incentives to answer correctly as well as moderators (often students as well) that ensure answer quality.
  • Moderately reduces teacher workload
    Students can ask about questions or concepts they are struggling with. This helps to lessen the load of educators.
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Bill Hughes


N/A, United States

Used Brainly for 2 years

Oct 2020

I would rate it a 9. As a student, I understand how important it is to ask questions and get answers to understand subjects that I am struggling on. Brainly proves to be a terrific resource where I can find help on concepts in many different areas. I wouldn't rate it a 10 as there can be some improvements. The whole "game" systematic where you gain points and give "brainliests" can be more emphasized in my opinion. I also think (although it is not the site's fault one bit) that there can be someway to stop spam answers, maybe like a pre-post answering check bot.

Bill Hughes found Brainly:
  • Moderately builds student knowledge
    I myself have learned many things on Brainly, especially in mathematics like Integrals and Applications of Derivatives. I also believe that the answering team does a terrific job trying to explain concepts and making others gain knowledge on the specific subject.
  • Significantly increases student collaboration
    The site is used by students to gain help and some students take part by helping answer these students' answers. I would coin this "student collaboration" as we students are helping other students understand concepts and schoolwork.
  • Slightly reduces teacher workload
    I don't really have any examples of impact on teacher workload. Teachers' workload depends on what subject they are teaching and how they teach it. Brainly is a supplement where students ask questions if they do not understand. I do not think Brainly impacts teacher workload much if at all.
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Luke Graham


N/A, United States

Used Brainly for 14 months

Oct 2020

I often recommend my peers and teachers to Brainly. Once you join, you'll feel a sense of community, and have a desire to help as many people as you possibly can. I want anyone that wants to help or get help to join Brainly, and that's why I recommend it to so many people.

Luke Graham found Brainly:
  • Significantly builds student knowledge
    Brainly is a huge learning community with hundreds of questions answered each day. The cool thing about Brainly is that all answers are stored on the site, and can easily be searched for by question. Sometimes, I just search up random questions from different subjects to gain knowledge.
  • Significantly increases student collaboration
    This is one of the main features of Brainly. Brainly is not just a QA site, it's a community. A community where students, parents, and teachers share their knowledge with each other. I think this sentence provided by them really sums it up: "Nobody knows everything, but everybody knows something".
  • Significantly reduces teacher workload
    Before joining Brainly, I would have complex explanations that weren't really to the point. Now, within minutes of asking a question, I can get a simple yet thorough explanation, which is much easier for teachers to review than a jumbled explanation.
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