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What is Cabri Express?

Accessible on all digital media, Cabri Express offers a real personal laboratory in which the student multiplies exploration, modeling and experimentation, in class and at home.

Cabri Express is offered as an all-in-one math toolkit including:

- an agile calculator (scientific, graphic and 3D)

- an equation editor

- and dynamic geometry.

The app has a large spectrum of possibilities in most areas of mathematics allowing students to solve all the problems of math programs: algebra, graphs, 2D geometry, 3D geometry, geometric transformations,

trigonometry, modeling.

The app accompanies the student by adapting with his school level, that is starting with the necessary tools for the target level: primary, college, high school or higher.

In primary school one first learns by manipulating and then later understands through modelling. Cabri Express was developed on the basis of this pedagogic principle and its effectiveness is confirmed by research.

Inheriting of more than 25 years of R&D focused on the teaching and learning of mathematics, Cabri Express is distinguished by its interactivity and ease of use for students.

The app can be instantly integrated into any web platform for its access anywhere, anytime..

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Last updated 22nd September 2023