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Capture Education

Capture Education

Capture Education

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What is Capture Education?

Capture is changing the way schools and clubs engage with parents. Our secure service allows schools to safely communicate with and engage parents.

Our secure service allows the SLT to view and monitor correspondence between parents and teachers.

The schools can

* Share images and videos of work with parents

* Receive posts from parents about external activities

* Create calendar events for parents

* Share messages, including attaching documents

* Request and receive payments

Tracking progress

In addition to the above features Capture can also track progress by tagging posts with the curriculum areas the child has demonstrated and these can then be viewed and tracked in various reports..

Recommended Usage

We recommend that teachers share at least one piece of individual or group content with parents per week..
Age Range0-4, 5-7, 8-10
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In an ideally scenario a teacher will need
  • Access to a tablet device (ipad or Android) and/or a PC with web access.
  • Reasonable internet speeds.
  • Willingness to engage and want to improve parent engagement.
  • We would also need parents willing to engage from their side of the product to make it really beneficial
  • Training
    They can get started by watching our video training but we recommend an online live training session which takes about 30 minutes. They can have as many sessions as they like so we focus on general use or specific issues they might be having.

    Capture Education Pricing

    Pricing Plans
    Initial system is £50 per year (annual subscription) for 10 children Additional children are added in a block of 5 and that costs £7.50 per year So 20 children costs £57.50 per year.
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