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What is Charles Harris International?

Our plans are to continue to offer improved Art Education in the present and in the future. We plan to offer this both as Approved Academic Courses, or Vocational Courses. Accordingly we have created our own qualification to this end.
We consider it to be the equivalent to an art degree and have valid reasons to make this claim. In general, we are seeking to continue to improve Art Education with better methods and understandings, achieving a new and sensible attitude in art education for all of society through the appreciation and teaching, with new classical drawing and painting skills, and appropriate understanding by the teaching of those lost skills, their importance, and lost social values.We are therefore looking to meet Chief Educationalists and others with responsibility for Art Education for their society, through the appreciation and teaching of classical drawing and painting skills, instilling appropriate understanding, and encouraging a return to the appreciation of Beauty, Life, Nature and human Nature as a new suitable primary subject matter for Art today. These are transferable skills, and have provided numerous, otherwise unskilled people, or students without sufficient academic qualifications, a route into knowledge and career opportunities..

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Last updated 7th December 2023