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Learning goals

What is ChemCaper?

ChemCaper is a role playing adventure game for learning about the basics of chemistry.

It teaches the properties of different elements and their chemical reactions by providing a rich game world and a large number of different challenges which are based on chemistry concepts and the periodic table.

ChemCaper is targeted for students who play a lot of games and it is suitable for after-school use, when students have time to explore the game at their own pace.

Age Range5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16
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ChemCaper Pricing

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ChemCaper pricing starts from £14.99 / one-off
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Certified Pedagogical Quality

Certified by Education Alliance Finland, 01/2018

EAF Evaluation is an academically-backed approach to evaluating the pedagogical design of a product. EAF evaluators assess the product using criteria that covers the most essential pedagogical aspects in the learning experience.
Familiarizing with the properties of elements happens as a natural part of the game play and the players adopt new information with a “learning by doing” method.
All game tasks are built around chemistry concepts. The Chempendium feature links the game world and real life chemistry phenomenons.
The game world and the amount of challenges is wide. Users have a lot of freedom to explore the game world at their own pace and learn through exploration.
ChemCaper is a single player game where the user can make all decisions independently.

Learning goals

Certified by Education Alliance Finland

The supported learning goals are identified by mapping the product against the selected reference curriculum and soft skills definitions most relevant for the 21st century.

  • Practicing to notice causal connections
  • Learning to build information on top of previously learned
  • Learning to combine information to find new innovations
  • Learning to face failures and disappointments
  • Familiarizing with chemistry terminology and apparatus
  • Practicing to observe chemical reactions through experiments
  • Remembering chemical symbols and formulae for elements and compounds
  • Understanding properties of elements
  • Practicing to use imagination and to be innovative
  • Practicing persistent working
  • Learning to find the joy of learning and new challenges
  • Using technology resources for problem solving
  • Learning to acquire, modify and produce information in different forms
  • Practicing to look things from different perspectives
  • Developing problem solving skills
  • Creating requirements for creative thinking

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Last updated 24th June 2024
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