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What is Codementum?

Codementum is designed as a classroom resource with fully-guided lesson plans. This means, every teacher can teach the courses, even if they have no prior experience in Computer Science. We provide you with all of the curriculum, intuitive tools, and resources you need to run a successful CS program. We offer more than 600 coding adventure challenges, application and game development as well as STEM courses and pseudocode exercises for exam preparation.

Educational Impact

build student knowledge
improve attainment
improve teaching efficiency
reduce teacher workload
improve teacher knowledge
CompanyHQ Location: United Kingdom
Founded: 2019
Age Range5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16, 17-18
LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Spanish
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RequirementsInternet - Low BandwidthInternet - High BandwidthDesktop - MacDesktop - WindowsDesktop - ChromebookDesktop - LinuxMobile - iPadTelevision


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Head of Digital

Clifton High School, England

Used Codementum occasionally for 4-6 months

Nov 2021

It's a great extra to the curriculum, self paced learning and allows pupils to progress in coding. I like that it's not just the "game" element, but has App Maker and other tasks too. Good price for schools.

James found Codementum:
  • Significantly reduces teacher workload
    Self marking, can see progress of pupil on tasks
  • Significantly improves teaching efficiency
    lesson plans are already there in terms of challenges / App maker
  • Significantly improves teacher knowledge
  • Significantly improves attainment
    Pupils can see their progress and like working towards the end of challenges
  • Significantly builds student knowledge
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Rachael Morris

Acting Head of Department

Dame Allan's Senior School, England

Used Codementum occasionally for 0–3 months

Nov 2021

Really fun way to learn code. Excellent GUI and portal. However, I was disappointed that we couldn't get clearer results from the competition i.e. a clear indication of who did and didn't complete all 30 challenges. Some students also clicked 'Start coding' instead of 'Join the competition' (an easy mistake to make as the buttons were right next to each other) , this caused problems for them and meant they couldn't progress through the levels.

Rachael Morris found Codementum:
  • Moderately reduces teacher workload
    We ran the competition which meant a lesson was planned for me but quite a lot of teacher input was required as some students struggled with the task
  • Moderately improves teaching efficiency
    Students really enjoy learning to code using Codementum
  • Slightly improves teacher knowledge
    Allows me to practice my programming skills through helping to debug students solutions
  • Slightly improves attainment
  • Moderately builds student knowledge
    Students are learning programming techniques such as iteration in a fun environment
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Used Codementum for 2 months

Jul 2020

Codementum is an excellent tool for both beginners and those wish to expand their coding knowledge. They’ve managed to make a fun, practical and unique way to learn coding which will always leave the user wanting to come back and learn some more !

Ameer found Codementum:
  • Significantly improves attainment
    My brother has started to understand how coding works
  • Significantly builds student knowledge
    You learn new commands/features with every new level
  • Significantly improves teaching efficiency and productivity
    Since the user learns it the fun way, when they go back to learn it in school they will already have a head start in understanding how it works
  • Significantly reduces teacher workload
    Less workload on teachers as they need to spend less time showing examples to students since they’ve already learnt and used the code.
  • Significantly improves teacher knowledge and skills
    Since Codementum contains a vast amount of functions and resources for every language available, the teacher is bound to run into some new code or a new way of coding (for example, a more efficient way to do something)
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Melih Gulcan

Computer Teacher

Metropolitan School Frankfurt, Germany

Used Codementum for 3

Jul 2020

One place to control your teaching activities and very user-friendly interface to learn to code.

Melih Gulcan found Codementum:
  • Significantly improves attainment
    More interaction with students Real code experience for students Using computational thinking to solve the problems
  • Significantly builds student knowledge
    Doing more practices on real codes. Transferring block-based codes to Python and Javascripts
  • Moderately improves teaching efficiency and productivity
    Automatic online tracking system and easy to use the codementum platform
  • Significantly reduces teacher workload
    Easy to assign tasks to students.
  • Moderately improves teacher knowledge and skills
    Teachers can do practice on the platform and compare the students' works with right solutions.
  • Moderately provides school data
    School can keep its data safe.
  • Significantly improves behaviour or wellbeing
    Codementum encourages students to focus on coding. That is crucial for teachers.
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Ali Mulla


Used Codementum for 3 months

Jul 2020

The website is truly amazing. There are so many activities for all age ranges. The activities are not just classwork, there are ideas to teach after school clubs with videos and lesson plans. So much effort has gone into designing a website that is easy to follow and understand Computing which many people have found difficult to comprehend.

Ali Mulla found Codementum:
  • Significantly improves attainment
    It helps to simplify terms to students visually and has really practical tasks
  • Significantly builds student knowledge
    Again the tasks shared are excellent in helping students to retain common terms for the long term
  • Significantly improves teaching efficiency and productivity
    Tasks can either be set for homework or in class in order to better help students understand topics that we will cover either before or after the teaching of topics.
  • Moderately reduces teacher workload
    I like the fact that I can use it to plan what I will teach. it can help to relieve the stress of having to plan both homework tasks and classwork tasks. During the covid 19 pandemic, it has been a nice way to set tasks to teach distance learning.
  • Significantly improves teacher knowledge and skills
    Teachers that are not sure of the subject in depth can use their lesson plans and guides to help learn topics themselves before they teach them. It is an excellent resource!
  • Significantly provides school data
    it has excellent tracking capabilities over each task.
  • Significantly improves behaviour or wellbeing
    As explained above, the fact that I can spend less time planning because the resources are so well designed, It helps me save time and spend time on myself and family.
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