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Commtap Symboliser

Commtap Symboliser


What is Commtap Symboliser ?

The Commtap Symboliser adds some extra buttons to PowerPoint so that teachers can easily add picture symbols when making lesson materials. Select one or more words, click on the symbolise button, and picture symbols will appear in the document. You can set where you want the symbols to appear – above or below words and aligned to text boxes, paragraphs, or individual words.
Picture symbols support those who struggle with communication or text to access lessons and follow routines. They also help all children to focus on the key points of a lesson..
Age Range0-4, 8-10, 14-16, 19, 5-7, 11-13, 17-18
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Office PowerPoint 2010 or later must be available on computers running Windows 7 or later. Teachers should be able to use PowerPoint. Note, our license does not limit the number of computers that the software can be installed on - it just limits the number of people that can use it at any one time (according to the number of users the license was purchased for). The software automatically limits the number who can use it at one time - so school IT departments do not need to worry about enforcing this.
We offer a help guide for the software via our website. The software itself is straightforward to use for teachers who are already using PowerPoint. Not all teachers will be familiar with using picture symbol support with their classes, so we are developing training for schools in best practice for using symbols. We are selecting schools now who would like to access this training and participate in its development.

Commtap Symboliser Pricing

Pricing Plans
For up to 5 concurrent users - £79/yr, 10 concurrent users - £134/yr, 20 - £229/yr, 40 - £369/yr, 100 - £669/yr.

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Last updated 11th December 2023