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What is Coursensu?

Coursensu is a learning design platform built to empower Learning Designers and Instructional Designers to create learning experiences in a platform made specifically for them. Made by experts, as a professional tool with design workflows that are grounded in research. Work together in teams and use our additional AI co-pilot with clear and transparent contributions to give your next learning design a productivity boost.

Create in your space

Learning design is an evolving profession and discipline - but it lacks rich tools. Too much learning design happens in spreadsheets, documents and paper notes - or worse, not at all! Our aim was to fill the gap with a platform that intentionally facilitates a user-centric, learning design process. With Coursensu you create a detailed outline of the learning experience.

Design for learning

Design is a creative, evolving, iterative process - and we built a platform to accommodate this. Teams join the same space to work together, discuss possibilities and decide - all in a highly visible and productive way. Designs can become templates for reuse, but also templates can be added to any design then adapted to ensure they meet the intended learning outcomes.

Decide with purpose

Collaboration can be tricky - so we added features that help get designs signed-off and production ready. Instead of sending and collating many versions of a course, everything is centralised in Coursensu, including review and approval. All designs can be exported as a sheet or document so they are ready for course production teams or being built into the learning management system (LMS) or learning experience platform (LXP).

Built by experts

The founder, Matt Jenner, has created this platform from their own background in learning design, educational technology and digital product development. It is built in collaboration with professional learning designers from across the higher education and professional development sectors. Their insights inform platform concepts and their on-going usage and feedback drives feature iterations and the roadmap to ensure it remains a productive learning design platform. Every user is encouraged to feed into the development process.

Built for Learning Experience and Instructional Designers

Coursensu has been designed, and built, for learning design. It is not an adapted office or productivity platform. Every part has been designed and shaped with intent. Features exist because they will help ensure more meaningful learning experiences. There are some other platforms in this area but tend to focus on creating lesson plans, and don't cover the full scope as Coursensu does. Plus we continue to evolve and the more feedback we get, the closer we can remain to solving the biggest design challenges.

Grounded in research

Underneath the platform's hood is a repository of pedagogic methods, frameworks and best practice. We have an open, and evolving, library of over 1000 items in our pedagogy dictionary. This includes teaching, learning and assessment methods as well as many terms that can help you consider each step in the learning experience. These are baked into the design process, so a user can craft a learning design their own way - but draw from these methods to guide their design decisions. They can also explore the collection, learn new methods and favourite those which they intend to use in the future. In conjunction with this, the platform draws on Laurillard's conversational framework / learning types. These are commonly used in many learning design frameworks and have widespread utility as a core learning design principle. Other learning design processes are applied as needed within the platform, such as visually clear constructive alignment, to ensure content has purpose.

Collaborate with our AI co-pilot

We have a supportive 'co-pilot' in Coursensu. Users make active decisions to request AI as 'suggestions' to their course design decisions. AI is a powerful new addition to software and our way of integrating it makes it clear where, when and what was contributed by AI. We see this as an augmentation to the expert and an especially useful add-on, when requested.

CompanyBusiness Name: Coursensu Ltd
HQ Location: United Kingdom
Founded: 2023
Age Range5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16, 17-18, 19+
FeaturesLearning DesignTemplatesInstructional DesignCourse ReviewInstant MessagingAi Co-pilotArtificial IntelligenceImportExportNotificationsEmail DigestWriting Learning OutcomesData-driven InsightPedagogy DatabaseTagsConstructive AlignmentResource ManagementTask ManagerRoles And PermissionsLogging
AccessibilityModerate features
PoliciesTerms of ServicePrivacy PolicyGDPR
RequirementsInternet - Low BandwidthInternet - High Bandwidth

We are fully online and suitable for desktop, laptop and portable devices. Coursensu can be used on any modern web browser.

Set Up

Anyone can self-reigster and get going in minutes.

Users who are new to an organisation can, during the onboarding process, link their account to their organisatons. This allows them to invite others of the same group and work together.

Users can start on a 14 Day trial to evaluate the platform. This is available on the Starter or Pro plans.

Parts of the platform are open to non-logged in users (such as browsing teaching, learning and assessment methods library and our Support pages, as two examples.)


We provide contextual in-app guidance, shown as/when needed to users. We also have a Support section with visual guides on how to use Coursensu.

Paying users can request onboarding sessions which is especially helpful for teams and groups of users.

SupportEmailKnowledge BasePhone Support

Support is via our Support (Knowledge base) pages, which provide interactive guides. All users get email support. Paying users can have video call support, as/when needed.

Home LearningParent Access

Teacher must create the account.

But they may not find it applicable.

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Coursensu Pricing

Pricing Plans

FreemiumFree TrialPaid Subscription

Coursensu pricing starts from £9 / per-user

Starter, Pro and Expert access

Starter is $11 / £9 per user each month
Billed annually or $15 / £12 monthly.

✔︎ Work in your own private space
✔︎ Unlimited learning designs
✔︎ Unlimited content items per design
✔︎ 1 design editor (you)
✔︎ Import and export content
✔︎ Use public templates
✔︎ 10 co-pilot credits (can top-up)
✔︎ Fortnightly personalised insights
✔︎ Email support
✔︎ Can upgrade to Pro

Pro $16 / £14 per user each month
Billed annually or $19 / £17 monthly.

✔︎ Set or join your organisation's space
✔︎ Unlimited learning designs
✔︎ Unlimited content items per design
✔︎ Unlimited Expert and Pro collaborators
✔︎ Import and export
✔︎ Use and create templates
✔︎ Tailored data-driven insights
✔︎ 250 co-pilot credits (can top-up)
✔︎ Roll back changes
✔︎ Fortnightly personalised insights
✔︎ Email support
✔︎ Team invoice payment option available

Expert Free
Contribute to designs, requires an invite from any Pro account.

✔︎ Join your organisation space
✔︎ View and comment on designs
✔︎ Review designs for production
✔︎ Notifications and tasks
✔︎ Fortnightly insights digest
✔︎ Email support

Experts can upgrade to Pro.

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Last updated 18th April 2024
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