Creating Rubrics in WISEflow

Creating Rubrics in WISEflow

Creating Rubrics in WISEflow


What is Creating Rubrics in WISEflow?

With Rubrics, the consistency and transparency of your exams become much greater, as student learning outcomes for specific courses can be segmented into criteria with in-depth explanations of what these criteria mean and how they are measured.

This benefits both assessors and students. It will give students an ampler comprehension of how and by what they are measured in the exam, at the same time providing them with clear instructions on how these criteria are weighted relative to each other. Meanwhile, it will also ensure that each student is assessed with similar conditions.

By formalising criteria in a structured and easy-to-interpret taxonomy like Rubrics, you ensure that students are assessed by the same set of criteria consistently and not by criteria outside the relevance of the student learning outcomes.
It also makes consistent assessment much easier for exams with multiple assessors, as the assessors cannot introduce individual criteria in the assessment..


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