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XEL for Schools

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What is XEL for Schools?

Creya XEL is focussed on helping K12 students connect classroom theory to real world application.

With projects that include Robotics, Engineering Design, Coding, Internet of things (IoT) & 3D Printers and even Drones, it helps develop creative thinking and problem solving skills essential for success in school, college, career and life in the 21st century. With a 360 assessment and an online digital portifolio systems, it helps students not just work on project based learning but build a digital portifolio.

It is also a hands-on STEAM program to have alignment to the National Curriculum Framework(CBSE/ICSE), ITEEA Standards, P21 Skills and even UNSDG. About 50,000+ students design, tinker, make and are inspired to become inventors and innovators ,every day across schools in India and UAE.

Recommended Usage

60 minutes per week


Educational Impact

improve attainment

Age Range
5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16

Terms of Service


Given that Creya Program has a diverse set of project experiences ranging from Digital Media,Coding, Robotics to Internet of Things and 3D printers, it impossible to give a flavor of everything in the pilot trail. However if there is a super qualified lead, we could do 1-2 week trail where we will bring in the required equipment. We need a room with a projector/screen and internet connectivity. There is no prerequisite capacity for the students and teachers that is required specifically. The school should just ensure that the time table allows the provision of the 60-70 minutes per day in the week for students to experience the program. For school teachers we need them to allocate those 60-70 minutes to observe the students experience of the pilot to give appropriate feedback to school management for decision making


All training as boot camps is provided for the students in the pilot program schedule itself. For teachers, we provide a 90 minute overview for them to be able to understand our program, know what to observe for in the pilot and provide appropriate feedback for decision making


XEL for Schools Pricing

Pricing Plans

We have two plans. Option 1 where the school can invest in the equipment as one time and then pay an annual fixed fee for availing the program for a fixed fee. The second option is 2 have a per student fee where a minimum number of students are enrolled. The pricing can vary based on options chosen and country and we will be able to do it better with more details like class section strength and number of sections per grade and which grades are being considered

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