What is DocsPlus?

DocsPlus from Crick Software helps secondary school students with high incidence special needs to independently tackle curriculum writing tasks.

DocsPlus’ organisational features enable students to plan their writing before taking any other steps in the writing process. Up to six Voice Notes can be recorded per document, and the WorkSpace gives writers a toolset to structure their ideas into a mind-map which can be easily exported to a Wordbar.

Providing a bank of words or phrases for students to refer to in their writing, Wordbars guide learners through the task at hand, encouraging them to use more relevant and adventurous vocabulary.

DocsPlus’ built-in reader is compatible with PDFs and Word documents, so students can review their work for mistakes or more easily access the curriculum.

If a student qualifies for a scribe or reader in exams, then DocsPlus’ Exam Mode can cater to their needs..


Age Range
10-11, 11-13, 14-16, 17-18, 19+, 19+

DocsPlus Pricing

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