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What is EdPlace?

EdPlace is a curriculum aligned e-learning resource, which can be highly differentiated for each student. Teachers assign tasks from a vast catalogue of interactive and multi-choice activities, or alternatively, use the auto assign feature which naturally sets the next task dependant on the child’s result. Each activity takes between 10 and 20 minutes and students earn points for completion towards personally motivating rewards.
Activities have three levels of difficulty however, the student will be unaware which they have been set to promote subject confidence and positive self-esteem. EdPlace has thousands of worksheets from KS1-4 in English, maths and science, each one created by a teacher with no less than 5 years teaching experience.

EdPlace’s new SEND accessibility toolbar overlays the main resource, ensuring a fully inclusive programme for all types of learners..

Recommended Usage

60-90 minutes per week.

Age Range
0-4, 5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16

Terms of Service
Privacy Policy

Access to a desktop computer, tablet or IOS device.
  • EdPlace can set up student logins via a CSV if required, if not a simple login set-up is necessary. Teachers will set initial assessments and tasks, but then the auto-assign feature can be used. Teachers can review visually represented data. Teachers can set bespoke and personal rewards.

  • Training
    No. The resource is self-explanatory. However, support is available if required.


    EdPlace Pricing

    Pricing Plans
    Price is dependant on number of students registered. Example 100 students = £912 per annum - invoiced annually. Please email for quote.
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