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ELMO PX-30 4K Desktop Visualiser

ELMO PX-30 4K Desktop Visualiser

ELMO PX-30 4K Desktop Visualiser


What is ELMO PX-30 4K Desktop Visualiser?

The PX-30 is the highest quality document camera from ELMO. It was designed primarily for use in meeting rooms and lecture halls with upscale amenities.

The 4K camera is state-of-the-art and delivers a razor-sharp image at up to 60 frames per second. The high zoom factor makes even the smallest details visible.
The combination of optical, digital and sensor zoom allows a total of 288x magnification.

The usual intuitive operation ensures relaxed and flexible presentation. The PX-30 is easily controlled via the control panel with integrated touch display. In addition to the menu navigation, the live image is always available here as well. The wipeable writing surface provides space for handwritten notes without paper.

Numerous connections allow uncomplicated integration in new as well as existing installations. Externally, the PX-30 can be controlled via network (TCP / IP Control) or RS232-C..


ELMO PX-30 4K Desktop Visualiser Pricing

Pricing Plans
It is a sliding scale based on pupil roll starting from £600
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