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Fledglink app

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What is Fledglink app?

Fledglink aspire to be the most helpful, supportive platform for young people as they make critical decisions about their future and transition from education and into work. Our free mobile-app provides tailored careers advice, a digital C.V. builder, gamified self-discovery tools (e.g.
personality quizzes and strengths profiles) and access to relevant work opportunities all in one place. By helping them discover more about themselves and what's out there; we believe this leads to better more confident decisions about their next step (further education, into work/apprenticeship or starting their own business) and aids in reducing the number of young NEET adults..
Age Range14-16, 17-18, 19
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The Fledglink app is currently only accessible via a mobile. Therefore students will require a smartphone and access to wifi within the school setting. Outside of the school, students are able to continue to access the app on their phone via their own mobile network or home wifi. A student will need to download the app on their phone and register in order to access the features and activities on the app. We provide webinars for careers leaders and students on how to get the most from the app and activities to do.
There is no training required for the user. We do however, provide webinars, videos, lesson plans and activities for students and careers leaders in order to get the most out of the app and all it's features. We also have a suite of self-development and employability workshops that are all designed using the app as the platform through which to do the learning. We provide train-the-trainer workshops for careers leaders around these.

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Our app is free for students. We do charge schools to licence our accompanying content including online and offline workshops which compliments the app. This is not compulsory however.
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Last updated 22nd September 2023
Fledglink app
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