Fonetti-The Listening Bookshop

Fonetti-The Listening Bookshop

Fonetti-The Listening Bookshop

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What is Fonetti-The Listening Bookshop?

Fonetti® is home to the world’s first Listening Books™. We at Auris Tech have developed Listening Books™ using our proprietary Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) model that is designed specifically to listen and respond to a child’s read-speech in real-time. This capability to understand this niche linguistic pattern means we can interact with children in ways no other children’s apps, books, or toys can.
Listening Books™ understand children reading even long chapters of text and communicate this to the reader word-by-word; as they read, each word highlights in green. Think: reverse karaoke..

Recommended Usage

10 mins a day.

Age Range
5-7, 8-10, 11-13

Terms of Service
Privacy Policy

To successfully pilot Fonetti teachers will need iPad with iOS 9 and above and good internet connection. Details on installation and user setup will be provided, by means of user guide and also one to one support can be provided. Children with iPad (having iOS 9 and above) at home will be able to install Fonetti at home as well with the same user details.

No training is required to use and test Fonetti. There is a user guide (pdf) for teachers/ parents for reference if needed.


Fonetti-The Listening Bookshop Pricing

Pricing Plans
For schools we have tailor made plans depending on individual school needs and number of students to be subscribed. We follow a subscription based model for domestic users. Prices are £7.99/month or 1 user or £9.99/ month of 2 or more users (in a household)
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