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Funexpected Math

Funexpected Math

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What is Funexpected Math?

Funexpected Math is a beautiful interactive world for kids aged 3-7 featuring a growing collection of math-related games that teach various types of thinking and improve learning skills. The app provides a fun and engaging way to introduce fundamental math ideas early and ensure kids are comfortable with math..

Recommended Usage

We haven't got the results of the research yet, but our observations tell that about 20-25 minutes.


Age Range
0-4, 5-7

Terms of Service
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iOS device or a desktop computer with Google Chrome. Our product is mostly for families, so they need to install the app on the device or to sign up on our site for the desktop version (e-mail needed).

No training is needed for the user to start. However, it will be great if parents or teachers read about our games a little in advance. They can do it at


Funexpected Math Pricing

Pricing Plans
We also have a free trial before any fees. And we prepared the desktop version of the app that is free this spring and potentially further if the situation with COVID-19 doesn't improve
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