Home Inventor Kit

Home Inventor Kit

Home Inventor Kit


What is Home Inventor Kit?

Home Inventor Kit is a 7-in-1 DIY kit, it can be built into 7 home appliance project to improve your house and make it smarter.

Seven-in-One Building Forms

1. Parking Lot System

2. Weather Station

Corridor Lamp

4. Magical Musician

5. Smart Fan

6. Obedient Gate

7. Rainbow color lamp

Rich Programmable Sensors

• Six input modules:

Temperature and humidity sensor; ultrasonic

sensor; touch sensor; sound sensor; light

sensor; IR remote control.

• Seven output modules:

5V130 fan module; 4-digital LED display; 9g

servo motor; RGB LED; red LED; yellow LED;


Easy to Build

Clear step-by-step assembly instruction, user-friendly design.

No Coding Experience Required

The easy-to-use graphical programming is enabled to control each part of the robot by simply dragging & dropping blocks.

Endless Way to Play

Besides the pre-set building forms and modes, simple and easy programming allows you to realize infinite whimsies.

Limitless Extension

Compatible with Weeemake platform and LEGO blocks..


Home Inventor Kit Pricing

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