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Intelligent Education

Intelligent Education

Intelligent Education

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What is Intelligent Education ?

Intelligent Education is a start-up company providing an assessments web-based platform. Our objective is to reduce teachers' workload, save their time and provide them with information about their student's performance. The platform enables teachers to create quizzes, assessments and assignments for students to submit their answers. The system then automatically marks these responses based on pre-defined criteria entered by the teacher at the time of adding the questions. It also provides dashboards and generates reports to provide the teacher with insights about measured skills, who is struggling and who are the top performers, and how students are performing over time.


Age Range
8-10, 11-13, 14-16, 17-18

Terms of Service
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User accounts for teachers and students will need to be created for them to be able to use the system via a web browser. For in-class quizzes, students and teachers will need access to computers. For assignments and homework sheets, students can access the system from home. Intelligent Education can do the initial setup of creating user accounts and populating the questions bank beforehand.


The system is intutive and easy to use. However, we will be providing workshops to train the teachers on using the platform.

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