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ITS Securly

ITS Securly

ITS Securly

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What is ITS Securly ?

Securly is completely cloud based, PREVENT compliant*, takes only a few minutes to set up and costs a fraction of the cost that schools are expected to pay for other solutions. It solves the problem of "over blocking" in schools by allowing educators to safely use 21st century instructional tools such as Google, YouTube and Wikipedia in the classroom without fear.

Securly's cloud architecture consists of a core policy engine that can be deployed either as a DNS-service, Proxy, or plugin. This means for in-school filtering administrators can use a DNS forwarder setting and be setup for in-school filtering in under 5-minutes. For take-home Chromebooks the Chrome Web Store plugin can be pushed down for ubiquitous coverage within 60 seconds. Likewise, for iPads, Windows, Macs, and other devices, you can use an MDM to push down Proxy PAC file or DNS settings within minutes. All of these devices are then policed by the same central cloud-based policing engine through a unified admin console.

ITS Securly Pricing

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