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What is J-Soft Technology ?

Jones Software Corporation is a Digital Social Impact Enterprise, who has developed a Cloud Based, Education Technology Platform, iLikeMath, to help Primary, Secondary and Adult Learners, close the learning gap and inspire them to maximize their potential inside as well as outside of the classroom. We work diligently with educators, community and business leaders providing resources, human capital (mentors/champions) and exposure to new ideas for scholars outside of their immediate surroundings. iLikeMath-Cares Program, empowers and encourage scholars to succeed in life, making the connection from personalized learning to career and development.
JSC is in alignment with ESSA.

JSC currently teach “ Introduction to Computer Science “, this course is being taught to Central Cass H.S. in Cassington, North Dakota, through our Full - Partnership with Microsoft TEALS ( Technology Education and Literacy in Schools).

The curriculum focuses on the following:

The Introduction to Computer Science curriculum is a flexible and approachable course adapted from the UC Berkeley CS 10, and is course for a wide range of high school students from diverse backgrounds. The course has been successfully implemented in hundreds of high schools. Introduction to Computer Science is an engaging course that explores a variety of basic computational thinking and programming concepts through a project-based learning environment. Every unit culminates in a comprehensive project and roughly 75% of student time is spent building projects and practicing the skills they are learning.

We offer a full-year Computer Science, Curriculum and provide trained teachers to teach the course virtually or when class resumes in person..

Recommended Usage

120 minutes per week..


Educational Impact

improve teaching efficiency
reduce attainment gap
provide school data

Age Range
0-4, 5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16, 17-18, 19

Terms of Service
Privacy Policy

iLikeMath is a Cloud Base Adaptive Personalized Educational Learning Platform, delivering a better Learning Experience with any form of learning content (Games, Simulations, Assessments, Videos, Audio / Read-Out Loud, interactive activities). iLikeMath integrates with all standard LMSs and is a platform of choice for enhanced content for Primary, Secondary, School Districts and Jr Colleges. iLikeMath is designed for K12 Schools and Districts ecosystem in the United States and is compliant with COPPA, FERPA, GDPR compliances. Schools in the US are buying more Chromebooks every year. iLikeMath supports Chromebooks, offline Apps for iOS, Android, Microsoft, and Macbook. iLikeMath is API driven platform and provides out of box integrations with Clever, OneRoster, LTI, Google Classroom, SAML, and Classlink SSO. ILikeMath, provides granular analytics to teachers, it uses xAPI standard to store usage and progress information for students.

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