JumpStart Academy Maths

JumpStart Academy Maths

JumpStart Academy Maths


What is JumpStart Academy Maths?

JumpStart Academy Maths is an online collaborative maths programme where pupils can help each other learn in a team-based game as well as being able to learn independently . The programme directly aligns with academic standards to help your pupils succeed on standardized testing.

Our engaging learning-based games are proven to increase maths scores by 18% when used effectively and regularly. JumpStart Academy Maths may be used for individual, self-paced learning; small group instruction; or whole group class time.

Features include a pupil management system to track activity, mastery and usage as well as an assignment tool to assign specific standards to pupils for practice.

Your pupils will enjoy math games teaching operations, fractions, geometry and measurement. Along their learning journey in JumpStart Academy Math, they will earn rewards to incentivize learning even more!.


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