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Kidz Learn Applications

Kidz Learn Applications

Kidz Learn Applications


What is Kidz Learn Applications?

"Kidz Learn Applications" ( are educational apps. These apps educate in math, science, basic computer science and also in a different way attempts to foster learning. These apps have the necessary information to make us aware of the global concerns and small proactive steps/solutions to address them.

Mobile Applications

"Graphs and Slopes " explains the concept of linear equations in Math. This app categorizes the graph concept into bite size information. The core points like y-intercepts, slopes and graph plotting are explained with examples. Review questions at the end of the category, asks questions pertaining to these concepts and even has the option to provide hints and answers to reinforce your understanding.

"Kidz Learn Vocab" is an educational app that uses core words that make up 70-90% of English language on a daily basis. This app is divided in to sections - vocabulary, usage of verbs, prompts for colors and rendition of core words. This is an interactive app that kids can touch and identify the objects. The audio in this app help aid kids to repeat the core words and the questions. (Checkout the review)

"Kidz Knockout Operations" is a fun way of learning math operations - Addition and Multiplication. The game asks the player to choose from two operations - Addition or Multiplication. If nothing is selected, the game sets the default operation to Addition. If the choice is 'Addition', then the player has to hit the numbered balls to make a sum that is equivalent to the monster's number. The quiz progresses from 'easy,' to 'medium,' and to a 'hard' level, the options for hitting the numbered balls to make a sum or a product (in case of Multiplication) to equal the monster's number, decreases. For level ' easy,' the numbered balls range from 1 to 9; for level 'medium,' the numbered balls range from 5 to 15 and for the 'hard' level - 15 to 20. For Multiplication, the player's goal is to hit the numbered balls to make the product equivalent to the monster's number. In both the operations, the player cannot hit the ball that has the same number as the monster's number. Happy playing :-)  - (Checkout the review)

Triangles in Geometry is an educational app that starts by describing the triangle basics - (Acute, Obtuse, Right Angle) and then progresses to explain the various centers in a triangle - (Centroid, Incenter, Orthocenter) and Area. The app also summarizes and explains with images, triangles, Theorems, and Postulates ( Proofs). Review questions (Quiz) at the end of the section has a few problems based on the triangle Theorems and Postulates. - (Checkout the review)

Kidz Fun displays the image in Alphabets and Numbers in a random order for very young kids to learn and have fun. This app is available for download in all countries. Check out "Stories in Kidz Fun and Kidzfun - Category Select" blog for knowing more about the contents of the app.

Kidz Fun - Category Select displays image with audio detailing the content, based on a selected category. Check out "Countries and their boundaries" blog to know more about the group "Countries" in this application. 

Body Parts - Basic:-This app enables learning in a child to know the essential body parts in 5 different languages. (Checkout the review)

Body parts - Basic (Middle and Asia):-This app enables learning in a child and helps them to know body parts in 5 different Asian languages.

Kidz Match:- This app is a memory matching game that enables learning Alphabets, Numbers, bugs, professions, parts of a body using Alphabets, Numbers, Body Parts, Profession and Bugs match in 6 different languages. - (Checkout the review)

Kidz Learn:- This app fosters learning in a child while having fun. This app displays high definition & quality images, sounds, and audio.

Kidz Play Puzzle:- This app is a fun tool to enable memory skills by identifying Size, Shape, Type, Pattern, and Color.

Buggy World (iOS) and Bugs World in Android enables the child to explore the world of bugs and their importance in nature. Check out the blog "Buggy World" to know more about this app.

Body Parts - Internal Organs:- This app describes internal organs in a human body and its essential functions. 

Body Parts - Skeletal System:- This app describes skeletal organs in a human body and its essential functions. 

Kidz Learn Transportation:- This app is a tool for kids to learn various transportation objects (vehicles) and also know the operations ">" and "<" using images.

Kidz Learn Countries:- This app is a tool for kids to learn various countries and also know basic fractions in math. Check out, "Countries and their boundaries" blog to know more about this application.

Space Chunks:- This app is a tool that describes space objects with quality images and descriptions from NASA. Check out the blog "Space Chunks" to know more about this app.

Kidz Learn World Sports and Angles:- This app is a tool for kids to learn different popular and rare sports played around the world. It also explains the necessary angles in Geometry. 

Kidz Learn - Rocks:- Kidz Learn - Rocks educates about the types of rocks found in nature. These app categories and provides a detailed explanation of rocks, types of rocks, and also has a video on rocks. This app is educational as it describes the external and internal factors that cause the rock formation. Quiz section at the end of the app reviews the user's knowledge on rocks.

Rotating Globe:-  is an augmented reality app that displays a world map as a globe. The Globe float's in front of you. The user can navigate the Globe using swipe or tap. The user can also find the current Weather conditions by entering zip code. The user can enter a US zip code and get the current weather condition with emojis. The app also displays the effects for Rain, Snow, Wind, Cloud, and Haze.

If the user wants to look at a particular continent or a country in the Globe, tap once. The Globe stops rotating. When tapped again, the Globe will start to rotate. The user can also swipe left, right, up, and down to see different places, countries, and continents in the rotating Globe. The user can combine swipe and tap to navigate around the rotating Globe to see different places and enhance their general knowledge.

Two Iguanas: This is an educational app describing the iguanas in the wild using animation. This app says a short story about the iguana using fun animation, a short video that has pictures of an iguana with facts stating their habitat and diet. A quiz section tests your knowledge of the story.

Mobile Application Links in Galaxy Store

Kidz Learn Rocks

Body Parts Basic

Body Parts - Internal Organs

Kidz Learn Countries

Kidz Learn

Kidz Match

Kidz Early Learning App

Kidz Learn Transportation

Kidz Play Puzzle

Kidz Learn Sports and Angles

Body Parts - Skeletal System

Bugs World

Kidz Stories

Brave Rooster

Alexa Applications

1. "Eclipse facts with Plant facts" is an Alexa Skillset that states many facts about Eclipse, various terminologies used in Eclipse, and also describes various stages in an Eclipse. Customers in the US can purchase 'Plant facts' for a one time purchase. Plant facts have a set of 24 points describing surprising facts about plants.

2. "Manhattan, NY Local Guide" helps adults and gives information on kid-friendly restaurants and places in and around Manhattan. It provides various information on restaurants based on

i. cuisine name.

ii. meal type - brunch, lunch, dinner, late-night, or kid-friendly place.

This skill provides information on attractions in and around Manhattan in general or based on a certain distance . in miles.

3. "What's my dessert" is a fun Alexa skill that predicts the user's favorite dessert based on a series of questions and their response - "yes" or "no." In the end, the skill also states a fun fact about the dessert and also predicts the user's personality based on their response.

4. "Edison, NJ Local Guide" helps adults and gives information on kid-friendly restaurants and attractions in and around Edison. It provides various information on restaurants based on

i. cuisine name

ii. meal type - breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, late night.

This skill provides information on attractions in and around Edison in general or distance in miles.

5. "Quiz Bee Trivia" is a trivia game from the categories - Animals, People, Places, and Capitals. Users can hear sample questions from four classes, and if interested, can buy the premium pack. The premium pack has 15 questions from the above four categories. The user can get a hint for a question or skip the question. Alexa also states a fact at the end of the question, when the user says the correct answer.

6. "Teen Guide" is a guide for teens or parents with teens to cope with general teen problems. This skill provides general guidance on how to raise a healthy and mentally strong teen.

7. "Sports List Calendar" narrates the schedule of NFL, IPL, and FIFA sports events.

8. "Space Chunks" is an echo show product that displays and narrates APOD (Space objects) of the day.

9. "Simple Compounds" is a quiz game to know the formula for simple and binary compounds.

10. "Kidz Fractions" has questions and provides hints for solving addition problems. The questions are categorized in to easy, medium, and hard.

11. "Net Knowledge Trivia" is a trivia game to improve and check your knowledge of general categories and computers. This quiz has a set of 15 questions from each of the 2 types - General Knowledge, and Computers. The General Knowledge questions are free, and the user can keep playing. The General Knowledge category has questions from planets, celebrity pets, countries, sports, and literature. User has the option to purchase the category "Computers."

12. "Math Puzzle Game" has 15 questions related to word problems and puzzle-solving in maths. The questions use different objects related to fall in the puzzle. After a heavy feast or a game, maybe you want to hone your math skills. The user can skip a question by saying, "next." While answering the question in the puzzle, one is required to always precede with the sentence "the answer is." "Happy Puzzling" . This app also has a premium purchase.

13. "Animal Categories" shows various animal categories with examples and images. Upon selecting a particular animal category from Mammals, Fishes, Reptiles, Amphibians, Birds, and Bugs, the skill not only provides information detail on the selected category but also provides information on the habitat and the characteristics of a particular animal belonging to that category with images. The images in the main category have animal sounds on touch/tap. This skill is designed for echo, echo show, echo dot, and other large devices.

14. "Plant Facts" describes various facts about plants. Plant facts have sample facts about plants and also has an option for the customer to buy premium plant product. This skill not only states some known, extraordinary, and surprising facts on plants but also makes us wonder how rapidly they adapt to the ever-changing environment and our dependence on them.

15. "Holiday Facts" skill shows and says various facts on Thanksgiving and International holidays. Upon invoking the skill, a welcome message describes what to say to navigate through the skill. There are around ten facts and thanksgiving images for you to enjoy. Users can purchase the premium version of Holiday facts. The premium version has 20 points on international holidays celebrated or remembered around the world.


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