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What is Looked After Call?

Looked After Call ensures that all looked after children are safe, cared for and achieving to their potential.

Through a centralised online portal, your stakeholders can access data on all aspects of the education of children in care, from attendance and grades to progress and PEP. Look After Call digitises the virtual school PYP into an intuitive and personalised template. Authorised stakeholders can access and complete your related modules, saving you time and improving accuracy.

Based on the needs and preferences of the organisation, Looked After Call provides a flexible and cost-effective method of data collection. Call the school every day to collect the morning and afternoon attendance records, which are dynamically updated.

Our automatic data extractor is seamlessly integrated with the school’s MIS to automatically collect attendance data without telephone interference. Authorised employees can upload attendance scores, assessments and PEPs online on the innovative self-service portal. Data collection methods, including manual calls and automatic data extractors, are automatically linked to external data sources to facilitate data comparison.

CompanyHQ Location: United Kingdom
Age Range0-4, 5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16, 17-18
FeaturesManual CallingAutomatic Data ExtractionSelf-serve PortalBespoke Educational PlansEncrypted CommunicationReal-time AlertsTrack ProgressStore DocumentsUnauthorised Absence Alerts
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We work closely with local authorities to identify the best solutions for their needs and budget.

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Last updated 1st October 2023