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What is Mehackit Atelier?

We built our own learning service, Mehackit Atelier, because we wanted to bring technology and programming closer to teachers and young people. The video-based modules get students excited, and educator notes allow teachers to have minimal preparation time for lessons. Mehackit Atelier contains all the functionalities for running courses in your classroom! Choose from 3 creative technology tracks: Music Programming, Visual Art Programming and Electronics and Programming.
Courses are based on Open Source technologies: Sonic Pi, Processing and Arduino..

Recommended Usage

One Basics module is 6-8 h of learning and this is a great way to observe impact..
Age Range11-13, 14-16, 17-18, 19-25, 19+
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Course & Classroom Requirements For each student or student pair you’ll need: A desktop or laptop computer (PC, Mac or Raspberry Pi) with at least 4GB of memory Operating system: Windows, Mac OS, Linux (Debian) or Raspbian A functioning display for the computer A keyboard and mouse (or a trackpad) A pair of headphones or speakers Headphone splitters (if the students work in pairs) For Electronics and Programmin track: Mehackit Maker Kit, Arduino Starter Kit or a similar set of components. It is also possible that students bring their own devices with them. In that case, you should request that they all will install the required free software and test it before the first lesson. Instructor / teacher will need: A computer with all of the above mentioned settings A display connection to a projector or another display device Audio connection to a pair of speakers For Music programming a Portable speaker is awesome! You can carry it with you around the class and plug it in to students' computers and let the students play their tracks

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