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Learning goals

What is Mightifier?

Mightifier is a browser-based application that supports teachers in enhancing classroom well-being by tracking data with questionnaires and sociograms, building students their own digital positive peer feedback profiles and providing in-app teaching materials.

Mightifier is based on positive psychology and has been co-created together with Finnish educators and students. With Mightifier, teachers can build their own professionalism and also help students recognise their strengths, build positive and thriving relationships and strengthen their socio-emotional skills.

With quick and easy Mightifier sessions, teachers can guide students to reflect on their own behaviour and to recognize their classmates’ daily successes.

Recommended Usage

15-20 minutes per week.
Age Range5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16
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Mightifier is browser-based, so no installation is needed, and the program can be used with any device. Efficient starting webinar kicks off the usage, during which the accounts are created. Only an email address is needed for the teachers to create their own accounts and accounts for their classes. Students don't need a personal email address to log in. Also, accounts can be created by following a short video training.

Mightifier Pricing

Pricing Plans

Paid Subscription

Please contact us, if you are interested in acquiring Mightifier. We are more than happy to tailor a package suitable specifically for your needs.

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Certified Pedagogical Quality

Certified by Education Alliance Finland, 08/2018

EAF Evaluation is an academically-backed approach to evaluating the pedagogical design of a product. EAF evaluators assess the product using criteria that covers the most essential pedagogical aspects in the learning experience.
Students get to choose strengths for their peers and give an explanation for the reason they chose that particular strength. Students get to both give and receive feedback during each round.
Students get encouraging feedback from their peers, and with that knowledge they build up their own self-image and self-confidence.
Rounds are structured and the teacher approves the students' comments before they are sent to the receiver.
All the feedback is given to the peers so there is always a social element when using Mightifier.

Learning goals

Certified by Education Alliance Finland

The supported learning goals are identified by mapping the product against the selected reference curriculum and soft skills definitions most relevant for the 21st century.

  • Practicing to use imagination and to be innovative
  • Learning the meaning of social relationships in life
  • Learning to recognize and name own and others’ strengths
  • Practicing to give positive feedback to others
  • Recognizing how different strengths show up in everyday life
  • Connecting subjects learned at school to skills needed at working life
  • Encouraging positive attitude towards working life
  • Practicing to give, get and reflect feedback
  • Practicing to work with others
  • Practicing to argument clearly own opinions and reasonings
  • Learning to listen other people’s opinions
  • Learning to understand the meaning of rules, contracts and trust
  • Encouraging to build a good atmosphere in own community
  • Practicing communication through different channels
  • Enabling the growth of positive self-image
  • Learning to face respectfully people and follow the good manners
  • Learning to understand people, surroundings and phenomenons around us
  • Encouraging the growth of positive self-image
  • Practicing to recognize and express feelings
  • Practicing to look things from different perspectives
  • Practicing to create questions and make justifiable arguments based on observations
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Last updated 30th November 2023
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