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What is My Child at Home?

My Child at Home adapts the core of the My Nursery Child software, normally for teachers, to be used instead by parents. It is free to use by anyone with young children anywhere in the world.

My Child at Home gently suggests to parents home-friendly, age-appropriate activities for parents to observe (drawn from 1,000s of early learning activities in its database), intelligently building on the child's past learning experiences.
It also compiles a pictoral history of the child's learning (which can be shared with friends and family), and automatically analyses the child's range of activities, current areas of interest, and progress in developing essential skills. Parents are now being inspired by My Child at Home on a daily basis, and it's relieving some of the emotional pressure on young families during the lockdown..

Recommended Usage

10 minutes.
Age Range0-4, 5-7
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Last updated 22nd September 2023