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NetSupport Notify

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What is NetSupport Notify ?

Schools are fast realising the benefits of using mass notification solutions such as NetSupport Notify to boost school communication and support their emergency and lockdown procedures. Try free for 30 days via our website.

Using NetSupport Notify, schools can communicate effectively with staff and students using one-way alerts and notifications – sending them to desktop users across the school, those working remotely on school devices, and even to large information panels in halls and foyers. Alerts automatically take screen focus, meaning they can’t be hidden, ignored or saved for later – perfect for delivering health and safety messages, such as ‘Please use the hand sanitiser available in each room,’ across a school. The notifications can even be targeted to select groups and scheduled for maximum impact.

Scaling to the largest of schools with multiple sites, NetSupport Notify also provides real-time status of notifications and acknowledgements − as well as delivering pre-scheduled alerts.

Simple to implement and use, and with fast and reliable alerts, NetSupport Notify helps ensure staff and students instantly have the information they need to work effectively and stay safe in any emergency situation.


Educational Impact

save school money
improve school processes

Age Range
0-4, 5-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-16, 17-18

Terms of Service
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The schools IT team will set up the solution.

Set Up
We work with you to plan your system and set it up to match your requirements, e.g. recreating lesson observation forms, determining check-in dates, agree your strategic goals and outcomes, etc. This is done in an session which usually lasts around an hour. We then aim to have you up and running within one working day.


All user guide and set-up information can be found at via our website.


NetSupport Notify Pricing

Pricing Plans

Annual Subscription

£2 per licence (perpetual)

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